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UNITY Capital Is community Focused venture capital helping blockchain start-ups make a change with investment, community support, governance & ecosystem support.

Ecosystem Growth

We connect the right projects and communities for the growth of the project's ecosystem and userbase through a network effect.


We provide marketing support through ama & partner influencers.


Rather than selling the tokens, we use them how they should be used. On governance, we support the projects governance decisions through our token holdings.


We create & support the telegram & discord communities through events & campaigns while helping it grow organically.

Validator support

We run Validators for networks that have validator/node requirements and delegate our stake for a stronger network.


A Fantasy Sports, P2E Gaming, eSports & Cross chain NFT Marketplace platform. It has multiple products such as a Fantasy Sports app, NFT Battle Royale game & A feeless cross chain NFT marketplace.
Radom Network
Crypto Payments | Low 0.5% Fees and No KYC | Radom Radom is a crypto payment processor that provides a full-suite crypto billing solution for subscriptions, invoices, and payments – with APIs, Webhooks and more.
Luxy is NFT marketplace built on polygon layer 2 network & Syscoin. Built by the Syscoin team, it provides affordable NFT minting and trading.
Blocto is a Flow network wallet with support of multiple EVM chains as well as solana. It also has a decentralised exchange & NFT marketplace. Backed by Dapper Labs & Mark Cuban it provides services for flow ecosystem.

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